Data Interpretation (DI) is the easiest of all the sections in SBI PO objective test.
The following model questions were asked in DI section in the last two tests conducted by SBI for the post of Probationary Officer (PO).
The questions in this section are easy but time consuming. A candidate through fast calculations can maximize their score in the given time in this section.
A candidate should be able to calculate the following things fastly in order to maximize score in this section :
1) Additions & Subtractions
2) Averages
2) Ratios
3) Percentages

Based on the comparison of previous year papers there is no change in these type of questions except for number of questions and their difficulty levels, hence we expect the same for SBI PO 2014. Secondly going by the trend we are expecting a new model (New models asked in 2013- Radar graph and 2010- Venn diagram).