sbi-po-pre-analysis-insightsTotal Number of Vacancies is = 2000

Number of candidates who will be shortlisted for main examination is approximately 20 times number of vacancies.

Therefore, number of candidates shortlisted for main examination will be

= 20 x 2000 = 40000 Approximately

SBI PO 2014 main exam cut off was 80 out of 200 for General category, which is 40% of total score. SBI PO 2014 main exam comprised of General knowledge, Marketing and Computers section which helped candidates maximise their scores. This section helped candidates in maximising their scores as the questions were just of the format Pick & Answer – without the need of solving the questions. Thus, a candidate could maximise his score without spending much time on this section.

The new pattern of SBI PO 2015 Preliminary exam has 100 questions to be answered in a composite time of 1 hour. The General knowledge, Marketing and Computers section and Data Interpretation section have been scrapped and Quantitative Aptitude section has been introduced in SBI PO 2015 Preliminary Exam. The sections to be presented for the test are

English Language – 30 questions (Pick & Answer)
Quantitative Aptitude – 35 questions (Pick, Solve & Answer)
Reasoning Ability – 35 questions (Pick, Solve & Answer)
Since you would have 60 minutes to solve 100 questions its better to answer the questions which take less time to solve(Pick & Solve)and leave the questions that you have trouble or take time in solving them(Drop & Move).

So remember Pick & Solve Drop & Move

Based on previous years cut off we believe the qualifying marks for SBI PO 2015 Preliminary online test might be around 37% to 48% of total score, that is 37 – 48 marks.

English Language typically comprises of questions that do not require solving and would suffice just reading the question to answer them. The other two sections Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability require solving the questions before answering them. Therefore these two sections would consume more time than the English Language Section. Also these two sections would comprise 70 questions (Pick, Solve & Answer). 30 questions (Pick & Answer) would be from English Language which would comprise 30% of total marks of SBI PO 2015 Preliminary Exam.

SBI has introduced Quantitative Aptitude Section in Preliminary Exam 2015. We are expecting the Quantitative Aptitude section to be similar to that of IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Section in terms of difficulty and pattern of questions.

The topics to be prepared for this section are:

Time & Work
Time, Speed & Distance
Ratio & Proportion
Profit & Loss
Compound Interest and Simple Interest
Quadratic Inequalities
Number Series
Data Sufficiency
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