Each free plan has a limit of one enrollment per user account.


Rs. 0

Plan: IBPS Free

Plan Features

7 days access to SMART APE™

10 Adaptive Practice Rounds (Approx. 100 questions)

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Ultimate Free

Target 200

Rs. 299

Plan: IBPS Target 200

Plan Features

1 month access to SMART APE™

200 Adaptive Practice Rounds

5 Mock Tests

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Target 1000

Rs. 699

Plan: IBPS Target 1000

Plan Features

6 months access to SMART APE™

1000 Adaptive Practice Rounds

30 Mock Tests

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Focus 7000

Rs. 999

Plan: IBPS Focus 7000

Plan Features

1 year access to SMART APE™

20 Adaptive Practice Rounds per day

  7000+ Adaptive Practice Rounds  

5 Mock Tests per week

  250+ Mock Tests  

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